We are SEM!

60 years in business.
Operating in more than 90 countries.
A brand with Caterpillar DNA.

Official distributor in guyana.

Wheel Loaders

SEM669C | SEM668C | SEM660D | SEM659C
SEM658C | SEM656D | SEM655D | SEM636D
SEM618D | SEM618B | SEM616B

  • SEM wheel loaders operate with reliability, efficiency and economy, with the perfect adaptation to diverse applications in the agribusiness, infrastructure and forestry sectors.
Soil Compactor

SEM518 | SEM512 | SEM510 | SEM520

  • The SEM soil compactors have leading products in the category of reliability, as well as being highly efficient in working on slopes and uneven terrains.
Track Type Tractor

SEM822D | SEM816D

  • SEM Track Type Tractors have a high level of maneuverability, with easy maintenance and longer service life. Another positive feature in the category is the ergonomic cabin, with an advanced monitoring system.
Motor Grader

SEM922 | SEM921 | SEM919

  • The SEM motor graders have precise and uniform blade movement, with solidity in all positions with optimized load distribution.